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Cornish Grill & Little Bird Gin popup restaurant at Maltby St

1 Dec

On Friday 30th November we went to the Cornish Grill and Little Bird Gin popup at Lassco on Maltby Street聽(aka Rope Walk) in Bermondsey. If you’ve never explored this particular area of London, and you like antiques and quirky reclaimed furniture, then you need to visit.


Resting ribs of tasty tasty beef

Neil Rankin is one of the most talented chefs we know when it comes to handling a good piece of meat 馃槈聽on a barbecue.

Neil Rankin cooking mackerel

Neil Rankin hard at work with the mackerel

BBQ Grill

Red hot grill

Lassco is full of treasures that make you wish for a large house that you could decorate using the items found here.

The building was transformed into a gin palace and beef eatery for one night. The photos below are grainy as it was dark, but it gives you an idea of the atmosphere.

When we walked through the door, the smell of well-aged beef hit us straight away. To us, that’s one of the greatest aromas ever.

We sat in the bar area and had a pre-dinner dirty dry gin martini (this was after a Delgrado Amontillado sherry aperitf at Bar Tozino) before going to take our table in the dining room.

Entrance and 'bar' at Cornish Grill & Little Bird popup at Lassco, Maltby Street.

Entrance and ‘bar’ at Cornish Grill & Little Bird popup at Lassco, Maltby Street.

Below is the menu. We were all about the beef, so didn’t get to try the mackerel, but I am sure it was delicious as well.

Cornish Bird Menu

The #CornishBird menu

Hand-dived scallops with jamon Iberico provided by Tozino.

The scallops were sweet, prepared raw and sprinkled with paprika salt. Chuse’s ham, as ever, is delicious and cut to the requisite thinness.

Hand-dived scallops with jamon iberico

Hand-dived scallops with Jamon Iberico

C么te du Boeuf with beef dripping frites and chimichurri. 聽If this had been my last meal I would have died happy. Beef was perfectly cooked and it tasted properly of cow. 聽The frites were well-seasoned and crispy, done in beef dripping. Proper. 聽The chimichurri was delicious. There was also aioli, rich and garlicky, but I didn’t take a photo of it.

C么te du Boeuf with beef dripping frites and chimichurri

C么te du Boeuf with beef dripping frites and chimichurri

Poached pear with hazelnuts. The pear was poached well, still slightly firm, but juicy and sweet. A nice light end to the meal.

Pear with hazelnuts

Pear with hazelnuts

Fleur de lis water glass

Fleur de lis water glass (or was it gin?)

We are looking forward to seeing what Cornish Grill and Little Bird Gin do next. We’ll be there.


Truffle Poutine recipe

28 Feb

A ‘posh’ twist on Poutine, the classic Qu茅b茅cois fast-food dish, with the addition of Italian black winter truffle.

Truffle Poutine


  • 300ml good quality beef stock
  • 200ml good quality chicken stock
  • 2 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tsp truffle oil
  • 8g fresh black truffle
  • 1kg French fries or chips
  • 200g cheese curds
  • 2 tbsp cornflour (aka cornstarch) mixed in a little cold water

Serves: 3-4
Calories: lots


First, catch your cheese curds.聽 Ideally you’ll want to smuggle them from Qu茅bec, like we did. They’re pretty hard to source in the UK, so you may need to make your own curd using rennet, raw milk and yoghurt. Do not substiute normal cheese for curd – that would be an a very poor approximation. Next, find yourself a truffle. We used Mister Truffle – they deliver聽truffles by the gram…

The quality of the gravy is important. If you can make your own from beef or veal bones, please do so. If you can’t, or you don’t have time, find some good quality ready-made stock. We prefer Marks & Spencer’s concentrate that comes in jars.聽 Finally, make some chips. We cheated to test this recipe out and used McCain oven chips. Not quite the real deal, but not too bad. French fries would have been more authentic.

Cook your fries, and meanwhile make the gravy by grating about 1/3rd of the truffle into the stock, adding the balsamic and the truffle oil, then bringing it to the boil. Add the cornflour in water to the stock and stir well to prevent lumps, until it’s smooth, thick and lustrous.

Plate up the fries and scatter pieces of the cheese curd on top.聽 Pour over the gravy, then shave the remaining truffle on top. The hot gravy should melt the curd, but if you want to help it along then 30 seconds in the microwave doesn’t hurt.